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List of plans
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[rank up] Selectable dinner is attractive ☆It is "hot spring tiger pufferfish" - luxury plan ... "Nikko beef"

To person who wants to enjoy meal slightly luxuriously because it is precious trip ★★ attractive selectable dinner ~ V ~~~~~~~~ This plan of dinner...


[with French AOC wine] ★Adult trip to enjoy "dainty food banquet dishes and wine" coloring ━ season━★

... that the finest time when we left ... busy daily life just a little is right here To dish of chef pride full of senses of the seasons to eating a food with great relish ... such Japanese dishes...


[early check-out] Sightseeing support plan ♪ Check-out until 9:00 is absolutely advantageous☆

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [we see the sights reasonable ◆ by check-out premeditatedly at 9:00 and enjoy] ━━━━━━━━...

The latest information We see list

2017.7.15 summer news

Do you not spend summer vacation in summer resort?
In non-daily life space among green, flavor and blessings of nature of forest heal fatigue kindly.

The 2017.6.7 fresh green

Oku-Nikko was season when the fresh green was refreshing.
Hiking, mountain climbing, padootchingu, fishing, the most suitable season including flower trekking begin.

2017.4.25 sprite road opening Kim

Daily cash income spirit road (National highway No. 120) was opened on April 25.

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