List of plans
List of plans

2017.7.15 summer news

Do you not spend summer vacation in summer resort?
In non-daily life space among green, flavor and blessings of nature of forest heal fatigue kindly.

The 2017.6.7 fresh green

Oku-Nikko was season when the fresh green was refreshing.
Hiking, mountain climbing, padootchingu, fishing, the most suitable season including flower trekking begin.

2017.4.25 sprite road opening Kim

Daily cash income spirit road (National highway No. 120) was opened on April 25.

2017.1.1 A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year.
Thank you for favoring hotel of Oku-Nikko forest last year.

2016.10.16 colored leaves

Colored leaves of this year were behind average year,
Autumn colors advanced by cooling of here these days remarkably.

2016.9.24 autumn news

Rowanberry turns red
Autumn colors began in some trees.
Oku-Nikko reaches colored leaves season soon.


2016.4.21 spring news

... that akayashio of ... Iroha-zaka flowered

Sculpture of 2016.1.30 ice

[2016 snow Festival] Sculpture of ice started. Please enjoy fantastic winter Oku-Nikko

2015.11.20 homepage renewal

We renewed official homepage in our hotel.

2015.10.19 colored leaves information

Iroha-zaka, colored leaves of Lake Chuzenji are in full bloom.

The 2015.5.20 fresh green

Temperature rises to nearly 20 degrees, and green thickens day by day recently.

Sculpture ... of 2015.1.25 snow Festival 2015 - ice

News of Wi-Fi connection service start

We established wireless LAN access point in 1F lobby to plan convenience improvement of visitor in hotel of Oku-Nikko forest. We offered environment that the Internet by Wi-Fi connection was available to. Please use free Internet connection by Wi-Fi connection service.

It "was televised" 2014.06.16

Masaya Nakamura, Teshima A came by television shopping for photography of familiar "Nippon Television, poshuredepato late-night shop".

[the first broadcast]
The middle of the night of Thursday, June 12, 2014
Nippon Television: poshuredepato late-night shop


2014.06.16 "met the fresh green"

At last Oku-Nikko reached time of the fresh green, too. Mean temperature becomes around 20 degrees Celsius (June) and environment that is easy to spend time very much, too.

Hotel neighboring event information of forest

April began, and at last thaw advanced. It is just an inch until coming of spring.
"Sprite road which drinks, and is closed to traffic during period Kim" becomes opening every year from 4/25 noon in the winter season. Because access from Gunma side is enabled, it becomes more convenient. Come by all means at this opportunity.

Oku-Nikko information
・The 4/1 - Lake Chuzenji fishing removal of a ban
・The 5/1 - hot water no lake fishing removal of a ban
・Lake Chuzenji pleasure boat 4/12 ...
・Hot-bath resort inner "footbathing" 4/19 ...


2014.02.01 "snow light village" began.

It is Oku-Nikko Yumoto Onsen than Saturday, February 1,
"Snow light village" to burn light on approximately 800 Minica pillows began.
"It was canceled under the influence of record heavy snow on February 14. "

Sculpture start of 2014.01.20 ice

Saturday, January 18 Japan night view inheritance authorization, Yumoto Onsen snow Festival
"All-Japan ice sculpture Oku-Nikko meeting" opened!


Snow scene of 2014.01.20 Oku-Nikko

The very cold situation that days of mean temperature -5 degrees Celsius lead to in Oku-Nikko is to becoming, but it is place that can come across various snow scenes not to be seen in city.
In addition, not only we enjoy snow scene, but also various events start, too. You have you come to see "hot-bath resort winter event" as well as sulfur hot spring or ski of Nikko hot-bath resort pride, and please enjoy splendid winter scene of Oku-Nikko by all means.
We wait for visit.


Hotel neighboring event information of forest

Around hotel of forest, various events are planned.
・Hot-bath resort skiing area opening
・Visiting spas stamp rally
・Ice sculpture
・Snow light
・Fireworks display

Schedule about each event is undecided,
Specifically, or Nikko hot-bath resort tourist association HP, please feel free to contact.


We reached the end, and colored leaves finally became the full-scale winter arrival, too. It snows early and reaches severe season on the other day. By car when come, come carefully enough. As for the worry, I would like the use such as hot-bath resort combination bus (reservation required for free) or Tobu route bus.

You have questions such as "snow" "roads" for most of winter inquiries. Oku-Nikko is place where we cannot come to when it is not car of the equipment in winter until from December to March. It is the situation that is difficult depending on weather in April in November. Please feel free to contact if you have a question.

In addition, it becomes [No thoroughfare] from sprite road (the Gunma area) Kim to one, from the end of December to the middle of April that can come. Please be careful.

It is severe place, but please sense "the world of silver" that can enjoy splendid scenery bodily.

Winter events are varied in Yunomotocho, too!
Please enjoy thing had a hard time in vaunted banquet dishes and hot spring. We wait!


Hello! It is Ueda of hotel manager of Oku-Nikko forest.
In Oku-Nikko, temperature of morning and evening became slightly chilly climate less than 10 degrees Celsius.
When we are taken a walk, we recommend appearance or that we have to sightseeing with something to put on.
Sunlight with altitude difference begins in Oku-Nikko and goes down before long to Iroha-zaka, Toshogu.
Meantime, approximately one month. It is characteristic of Nikko that colored leaves are seen only in this for a long time!
"Hotel of Oku-Nikko forest"
We do business well today!


We were opened♪




Snow scene & winter event♪


It is winter soon♪


It is the arrival in full-scale summer♪


It is coming of spring♪


We were introduced by trip slowly in pole of adult♪


Parking lot became clean!


We went for "good trip dream feeling"!


It is new age!


Hotel of forest of Christmas is ...♪


TV Tokyo "drive A Go Go!" We leave ni♪


We renewed our hotel homepage.




We moved!

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