List of plans
List of plans

2016.10.16 colored leaves

We come in Oku-Nikko colored leaves season!

Lack of sunshine from summer continued, and colored leaves were behind average year,
Autumn colors advanced by cooling of here these days remarkably.

[today's highest temperature 14 degrees, minimum temperature zero degree]

Waterfall of dragon-head gargoyle is crowded very much from early time.
It is expected that Iroha-zaka is crowded more next week.

It is ... in order to avoid traffic jam of ... Iroha-zaka
Car is romantic highway, Marunuma-kogen ⇒ sprite Pass ⇒ Yumoto Onsen of [the Sekigoe Numata area] Japan Kim
This route is smooth.

Please enjoy autumn colors of Oku-Nikko!


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